Vertical Loops


Kaufman Loop Services installs vertical loops where space is a concern. We use our vertical drilling rig to drill into the ground about 150 feet deep. We install the loop piping, and we grout the borehole to seal the ground and prevent any contamination of the ground water from surface run off.


Horizontal Loops


When a homeowner has sufficient property, we use our excavator to excavate a horizontal trench about 200 feet long. Depending on the size of the system, it may be necessary to dig multiple trenches.


Pond Loops


When a property contains a usable pond, we can install a pond loop. Installing a pond loop is similar to installing a horizontal loop in that we dig a horizontal trench between the home and the pool. In the pond, we install a heat exchanger consisting of coils of loop pipe that we weigh down and sink into the pond where it remains at the bottom of the pond.



Vertical Loop System

Horizontal Loop System

Pond Loop System

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